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Anna Cincotta is a qualified Pet Tech Instructor and begun teaching the Pet Tech Petsaver™ CPR + First Aid & Care Course in Melbourne in May 2013.

Later this year we plan to take some classes in other states too!

Our main Certification we teach is the Petsaver course.

As part of the Petsaver™ course we teach you more than 50 actions for survival! Including hands on skill practice sessions on Restraining and Muzzling, Primary Assessment, Rescue Breathing, Canine and Feline CPR, How to control bleeding and choking management (both conscious and unconscious).

We also cover in lectures what to do for your pet if it is involved in such emergency situations in as Poisoning, Heat Stroke, Snake bite or Shock.

If you have a Pet care group and are interesting inus coming out and holding the class at your facility please give us a call and let me know, group discounts can apply in large group bookings.

Petsaver details:

The Petsaver Course is a full day 8 hr hands on course and costs $139

Held once a month in the Docklands, easy to get to by car or public transport.

The course includes many practical hands on skills and many lectures.

Topics covered in the hands on skills are:

  • Restraining and muzzling

  • Bandaging

  • Choking (unconscious)

  • Choking (conscious)

  • “Snout to tail” injury assessment

  • “Snout to tail” wellness assessment

  • Bleeding protocols

  • Primary pet assessment (PPA)

  • Assessing the pets vitals

  • CPR

  • Rescue breathing

Topics covered in the lectures include:

  • Senior petizens

  • Learning pet first aid

  • P.E.T.A.I.D. and the priorities of emergency care (triage)

  • Emergency situations

  • Restraining and muzzling

  • Primary pet assessment (PPA) and ABC’s

  • CPR

  • Rescue breathing

  • Bleeding protocols

  • Shock management

  • Fractures and limb injuries

  • Poisoning

  • Poisonous substances

  • Insect bites and stings

  • Snakebite, Poisonous and non Poisonous

  • Heat injuries – Heat stroke

  • Heat injuries – Burns

  • Cold injuries

  • Seizures

  • “Snout to tail” injury assessment

  • “Snout to tail” wellness assessment

  • Assessing the pets vitals

  • What you need to know about pets

  • How to help your pets

  • Pet first aid kit contents

  • Administering medications

  • Dental care for pets


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